We are grateful to all who have taken the time to write to us with these kind words of thanks and praise. We are more than pleased to know our efforts to honor and celebrate your loved one’s funeral has been a comfort to you.

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You are inextricably linked with our family as I imagine you are with countless others. In the most challenging of times you come in and make the space for families to grieve while you manage the critical details. I remember how you graciously came in and took our dad away, our first loss and our first experience with death. You were calming and took control over something we had never dealt with. With mom, it was a no-brainer that we would reach out to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for managing so very many pieces, having patience with us around new iterations of the obituary, etc. The memorial service was all we could have hoped for and we appreciate your collaboration with Garrett, Katherine the caterer, the Town of Lincoln and ourselves regarding the burial and service. I have received many compliments about all of it, particularly the streaming service which allowed folks far away to participate. While there may not have been a large user-base, those who did were very grateful and commented on the quality of the streaming, zooming in on speakers, etc. They expressed that they felt very much a part of the service. Please know that our family is so very grateful for everything.  You are a consummate professional in dealing with folks who are facing the most challenging moments of their lives. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Best,
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My 3 adult children had the unfortunate task of arranging their Fathers untimely funeral. From the moment they walked into the Funeral Home they were treated with the utmost respect. Everyone there assisted them in navigating the process. Glen was extremely respectful and professional. He went out of his way to make sure my children were comfortable without any pressure and that was impressive. All of the staff stood by my children throughout the day up until the last person left the grave site. Thank you for the service and dedication you provide.
K. C.
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Hi David,
Thank you so much for the beautiful service for Dad. You are so kind and so thoughtful and we can’t begin to let you know how much of a comfort you were and are to all of us. The beautiful flag case arrived yesterday and it’s just perfect!! The engraved/etched the glass and it is so comforting to have the flag and now the beautiful case. We have it on the shelf and every morning and evening as we walk by it can touch it in memory of Dad. He was a truly amazing man and was always loving and kind to me. I will miss him forever and will be comforted by my wonderful memories. You are a huge part of helping me/us cope and I wanted you to know that we thank you! Continue to do what you are doing and know that you are helping so many families and loved one. You have been given a gift and are using it to the fullest. Thank you!
Big hugs, K. W.
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Dear Glenn,
I did not want the day to pass without expressing my deepest and sincerest appreciation for giving my dad a beautiful, oh so beautiful, send off yesterday and again today!  You are an angel of mercy and how blessed I am to call you my friend! I can never thank you enough for everything you did to ease my pain, and the pain of my loved ones! We could not have hoped for a better tribute for our dad.  Please know I am forever grateful for your talents, professionalism and your charismatic personality, you are truly one in a million. God bless you Glenn for everything you do for all of us in our greatest time of need. I take solace knowing my dad is smiling broadly, as he would be so very proud and grateful.
Always, C.
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